Bay Point Island, also known as Bay Point Miami, is a prestigious bayfront community located near Downtown Miami. It is ranked as one of the most upscale and exclusive neighborhoods in South Florida, and is very popular among affluent homebuyers. With its central location, prime bay access, and beautiful array of properties, Bay Point is a great place to settle down.
Bay Point Island homes have chic designs, spacious living areas, immense lots, and excellent waterfront access. There are a wide variety of versatile floor plans and stylish designs to choose from, ensuring something for everyone. It should be noted that these are some of the most valued and expensive properties on the market, in light of their sheer opulence and majesty.
As expected, Bay Point’s biggest claim to fame is the peerless nautical lifestyle it offers. It has direct access to gorgeous Biscayne Bay, and benefits from wide, navigable canals. The community has one of the best marina facilities in all of Miami. Needless to say, boating, fishing, sailing and a variety of water sports are widely pursued here. Indeed, such activities are the center of community life and local culture, and the neighborhood’s exclusive yacht club is a major social institution in its own right. Numerous events and festivities are held there every year.
Golfing is also very popular, and Bay Point Island hosts one of the more impressive golf courses you’re likely to find. There are dedicated golfing clubs for both men and women, which further cement the sociability and cohesion that defines the community’s culture. Bay Point is secluded, close-knit, and welcoming, making it a perfect place for retirees, new families, or those simply search for safety and relaxation.
Despite its unprecedented level of security and prestige, Bay Point Island provides great access to Miami’s many offerings. The Central Business District, Miami Beach, Miami International Airport, and numerous other prominent locations are only a short drive away. There’s simply no better way to experience luxury tropical living.