The charming community of Morningside is located in the Upper Eastside of Miami, which is part of the city’s urban core. One of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, it was a well-planned subdivision that was first established during the region’s prominent real estate boom of the 1920s. Long a haven for some of the region’s most affluent residents, it remains one of the safest and most beautiful neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County.
Morningside is characterized by its lush, tree-lined boulevards and the predominantly Mediterranean Revival style of its architecture. Many of its homes were also built in the 1930s and 1940s, thus featuring the distinct Art Deco design that has long since vanished from most of the area. In addition to this historic district, which comprises the northern half of Morningside, there is the more recently-developed southern portion located between 50th and 55th street. Most of the homes here are chic, modern, and fairly sizable.
The typical Morningside home is immense, comprising numerous waterfront mansions and even some villas. Usually, only a handful of these highly sought after homes are available on the market at any one time, with prices ranging from $399,000 to as much as $7,450,000. These are some of the most valuable properties on the market.
Besides its unique collection of historic homes, Morningside is also known for its eponymous park. This lush urban oasis is widely considered to be one of the best waterfront parks in Miami. Its facilities are top-notch and include baseball/softball diamond, basketball court, tennis center, and playground. The park even provides boat and jet ski access, along with a wide variety of great recreational programs throughout the year.
Furthermore, Morningside’s phenomenal location puts residents in close proximity to the urban heart of Miami. There are a multitude of famous commercial and cultural locations just a short drive or walk away, including Miami Beach. The community uniquely brings relaxed and suburban living in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic urban areas.