Miami Attracts with Plans for Mass Transit


Miami’s leadership is aiming for something big – to make our city “car optional” for the next wave of commuters. They are reacting to millennial appetite for car free life and more public transportation options. However, the problem remains the lacking infrastructure for such a demand, which requires a very longterm plan to pursue projects which further this goal and at the same time decrease congestion on the streets.


City planners are exploring “connectivity points” which are central to different suburbanites who commute into more concentrated urban areas. Paths from hubs to hubs will be facilitated through trains, busses, walkways, and stronger traffic systems. The scope for this work is large, impacting millions of people and will require a strong plan. However, it’s clear that our city’s evolution into a global hub is continuing to generate momentum which strengthens our status as a global powerhouse. I will keep you updated as Miami continues to grow in new and innovative ways.


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