Miami Beach Centennial Celebrations: March 22nd – March 26th


This year, the City of Miami Beach is celebrating its 100 anniversary. From March 22nd-26th, South Beach will be filled with 100 hours of exciting events culminating in the March 26th Hard Rock Rising Miami Beach Global Music Festival 2015. The all-day music festival will feature performances from major talent like Andrea Bocelli, Gloria Estefan, Wyclef, Fo Rida, DJ Irie, Barry Gibb, and many more.

But there’s more to this exciting community Centennial moment. Throughout the 100 hours of celebration starting on the 22nd, attendees will be able to learn about how we’re protecting our spectacular marine & coastal ecology with an emphasis on climate change strategies for our future. Our ocean-side city with some of the top beaches in the world will celebrate both our rich past and start the next 100 years with increasing awareness for a global climate initiative. Follow along as the Miami Beach 100 social media accounts report the kick off of this momentous event, we’ll be following on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Contact me to learn more about this great city!

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