Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

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The Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is a critically acclaimed event going on now through May 3rd. The 17th annual MGLFF is being held in the world-renowned historic South Beach district and is building on the success of last year’s festival that attracted 20,000+ attendees. The program includes feature films, documentaries and short films related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities.


Event organizers have coordinated the highest-quality titles and off-screen events ranging from Q&A sessions with filmmakers and artists to gala parties for local and internationals alike. Find a list of the most anticipated films at the MGLFF here. I also recommend keeping tabs on this organization’s monthly GLOW Miami series which brings year-round educational screenings to movie lovers in the community. This event also compliments Miami Film Month which celebrates our local film industry through festivals and shows. WIth so many cultural activity taking us into Summer, there’s no excuse to miss these Miami Beach milestones.


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